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At MLN, our mission is to become the leading launchpad for upcoming artists to break into the global NFT art market and connect directly with billions of art enthusiasts from all around the world.

We have broken this journey down into an actionable step-by-step roadmap from November 2021.
•Started to grow our community on Twitter
•We airdropped three million $MLN tokens to thirty thousand trustlines
•We airdropped three million $MLN tokens to thirty thousand trustlines,
•Released the first version of the MLN whitepaper,
•Started to build a community of artists on Instagram,
•Created the MLN Telegram Channel for announcements and voting,
•Started our loyalty program, and
•Defined the specifics of our holder airdrop program.
• We sponsored the first NFT collection and started preparing all necessary resources required for the collection,
•Continued work with creating awareness and growing the MLN community on our social media platforms,
•Launched our discord server and invited the MLN community to join,
•Continued sponsorship for successive NFT collections