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MLN Staking Program for XRPL Community

The MLN Staking Program will run for three months, from 10th January to 10th April 2022.

During the program, all MLN token holders are eligible to receive a monthly percentage interest. This monthly interest is based on a user’s MLN balance.

#MLN Holders with more than 10K MLN balance will receive:
0.15% Daily
6% Monthly
25% For the entire program

#MLN Holders with more than 50K MLN balance will receive:
0.2% Daily
8% Monthly
36% For the entire program

#MLN Holders with more than 100K MLN balance will receive:
0.25% Daily
12% Monthly
45% For the entire program

Please note that:

***Maximum receivable amount 100K MLN.
***A user’s duration of participation in the staking program will count from the registration date.
***Only registered users can participate in the program.
***Only users registered before 11th January 2022, 00:00 UTC will participate in the entire program and enjoy maximum rewards.
***Users registered after 11th January 2022, 00:00 UTC will receive the monthly and daily interest rates.

-For example:

A user with a 15K MLN balance who registers on 25th January and holds a 15K MLN balance until 25th March will receive:
2 full months interest + 10 days interest = 2*900 + 10*22.5
= 2025 MLN

We are only tracking the balance of registered accounts, and we will consider the average balance for the duration of the program.

-For example:

If a user registers with a 10k MLN balance but increases balance to 25 MLN and holds for more than one month, we will calculate the user’s average balance for monthly interest.

Furthermore, we will calculate interest if the account balance does not fall below the minimum inquiry.

-For example:

If a user registers with a 55K MLN balance but reduces the balance to less than 50K MLN before one month, we will calculate interest based on the 10K to 50K percentage.

All you need to do to participate in the MLN Staking Program is type in your wallet address in the box below and click on sign up.

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